We are Coolican & Company.

Founded by Peter Coolican in 2015, and joined by partners Nathan Clarke and Stephen Dalrymple in 2018, Coolican & Company is Toronto's first small-batch design and fabrication studio.  In addition to our collection of small-batch products, we design custom furnishings for hospitality, retail and other luxury interiors.  



We believe that furniture should be beautiful, that it should offer opportunities for visual and tactile delight.

We believe in the elegance of simplicity.   

We believe that longevity is a critical aspect of sustainable design, and we insist on building objects that last.  This is why we employ time-tested building techniques.  It is why we prefer natural materials like wood, leather and brass - things that age gracefully and become more beautiful with each passing year.

We like patina.  It tells a story.  It lets you know that an object has been loved, that it has been used, that it is useful.

We prioritize integrity.  We want to build furniture that is trustworthy, and to be trustworthy ourselves.  It all boils down to respect - for our clients, our peers and our employees, for the materials we use, and for the planet we inhabit.  


Joshua Fawcett-Drummond

Senior Fabricator

Neda Moshg

Senior Fabricator

Jon Zimmerman

Shop Manager