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Where is your furniture manufactured?

Every piece of Coolican & Company furniture is designed, prototyped and manufactured by us in our Mississauga, Ontario studio.

Where do you source your materials?

We make our furniture from hardwoods that are native to Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States.  Much of it is harvested in Ontario, Quebec, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

You refer to your furniture as "heirloom-quality".  What does that mean?

Our aim is to create an alternative to "fast furniture" - stuff that is trendy, affordable, made of cheap materials, and is easily replaced.  Fast furniture may look nice, but it is ultimately destined for the landfill.  This cycle of consumption is not sustainable, nor does it encourage an appreciation of thoughtfully designed, beautifully made objects.  

We want to encourage a culture of consumption that focuses on buying the right thing once.  

When we say "heirloom quality" this is what we mean:  our furniture is aesthetically timeless; it is compatible in a variety of contexts; it is built with the highest quality materials and and the strongest construction techniques.  It isn't cheap, but it isn't meant to be replaced either.  It is built to last, so that one day can be passed on, as an heirloom, to the next generation. 

Is it possible to get a material or finish sample?

We have a Materials Sample Set that can be purchased here.  It includes material samples of the wood, leather and brass that define our collection.

If you'd like to order a sample of only one specific material, contact us at and we can arrange to ship you one.

Where can I find product dimensions?

Every product page has dimensioned drawings below the product images, in both metric and and imperial units.  

Can I order a product from your collection in a custom material, finish or size?

Do you do custom design work?

We do custom design work with trade industry professionals, and generally only for high-volume projects.  If you are an industry professional and you'd like to discuss a custom design opportunity, please get in touch at

Does your work ever go on sale?

We have sales on occasion, but not often and not according to any schedule.  The best way to find out about an upcoming sale is to follow @coolicanandcompany on Instagram.  We'll be sure to anounce all important events there.

What are your lead times?

If an item is in stock, we can ship it within three days of an order.  For non-stock items there is maximum 8-week lead time.  For made-to-order products like tables, desks and CALLA stools and benches, there is a 12-14 week lead time. Custom orders have variable lead times depending on their size and complexity.  

Shipping within North America generally takes between 3-10 days depending on the shipping method.

Please contact us at  if you have any questions about lead times.

How do I place an order?

You can order any of our products directly through the website.  Visit the desired product page, specify the material and quantity, and then click 'Add to Cart'.  When you're ready to pay, click on the cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Shipping to your location will be calculated at checkout.  You can use any major credit card to pay for your order.

Do you do rush orders?

Yes, we do rush orders; however, they may be subject to additional fees. 

Please contact us at  if you have any questions about rush orders.

Is it possible to see a product in person before placing an order?

Yes, you can see a product in person at our studio in Mississauga, Ontario.  Contact us at to ensure we'll be around and the desired product is available to view when you come.

Is it possible to change or cancel an order after submission?

If you have second thoughts or if you wish to make a change to your order, get in touch with us at In most cases - if you reach out in a timely manner and  before an item has shipped -  we can make a change or cancellation without any trouble.

We don't offer cancellations or returns on made-to-order products for which production has been initiated, including Lakeshore tables and desks, pieces in the CALLA collection, and any products with custom dimensions, materials or finishes.  

What do you do with my personal information? Is it safe to order furniture online? 

We require your address to determine shipping costs; your email and phone number to get in touch if an issue arises; and your credit card information to process payment for the order.  We do not harvest personal information for purposes beyond order fulfillment.  If you wish for us to add your contact information to our mailing list you will be given the opportunity to opt in at checkout.

We follow all industry protocols to ensure that your personal and credit card information is encrypted and secure.  Please visit our our  Privacy Page to read more about our privacy policy.  If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Does your furniture come with a warranty?

Coolican & Company guarantees that our products are free from defects in workmanship and materials for five years from the date of delivery. For more details please review our Terms of Sale.

Do you accept returns?

We accept the return of objects that are in as-new condition, within 30 days of delivery to your home.  Customers must pay for return shipping, as well as a 15% restocking fee.  If an item is returned broken or damaged the cost of repair (if a repair is possible) will be deducted from the refund.  If a returned product is irreparable no refund will be given.   To initiate a return, contact us at  For more details please review the Returns section of our Terms of Sale.

What do I do if my order is damaged when it arrives?

Every piece of furniture we make undergoes rigorous quality control checks before being prepared for shipping.  Our packaging has been designed to protect furniture on the journey from our studio to your home.  In the unfortunate event that a piece of furniture has been damaged in shipping we will replace it at no additional cost to you.  We ask that you do the following to assist us with the return process: 

  • contact us immediately at to inform us of the damage.
  • retain all packaging.
  • take photos of the packaging from a variety of angles and send them to us.
  • take photos of the damaged product and send them to us.
  • do all of the above within two days of receipt of the damaged shipment.

Once a return has been initiated, we will arrange to have the damaged item picked up and returned to us in its original packaging, and we will send a replacement as soon as possible. 

Please review the Returns section of our Terms of Sale for more details, or get in touch at if you have any questions about the returns process.

Do you offer local pick-up?

Yes.  Just select the 'local pick-up' option at checkout, and pick up your items at our studio in Mississauga, Ontario.  Contact us at to ensure that we'll be in the studio when you plan to arrive, and that your order has been prepared for pick-up.

Do you offer local delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery within the GTA.  There's a minimum charge of $100 CAD for any local delivery.  This fee may be greater depending on the size of the order, the distance traveled, and the desired delivery time. 

How do you determine shipping prices?

We partner with a local company to find the best shipping rates to your destination.  Rates will vary depending on your location, the objects/s you've purchased and the shipping service you've chosen.

How are items packaged for shipping?

We've put a lot of time and effort into designing packaging that protects our furniture as it travels from our door to yours.  Most objects are packaged in cardboard boxes, with foam and cardboard inserts.  Tables and long benches, which are more susceptible to damage, are packed in plywood crates with foam inserts.  All of our crates are designed to be fastener-free, meaning you don't need any special tools to open them.   

How do I check the status of my shiptment?

Once a shipment has left our facility, we will send you a tracking number, which  you can use to follow the progress of the shipment.

Do you ship internationally?

We do; however, some locations are not served by our local shipping partner.  In the event that you live outside of North America and are unable to calculate shipping at checkout, contact us at and we'll secure the best rate possible for your location.
I've just made a purchase but I'm unable to receive it immediately.  Will you hold onto it for me?
We offers complimentary storage for the first 30 days after the buyer or purchasing agent is notified that their order is complete and ready for pick-up or delivery.  After 30 days we begin to charge a 3% storage fee, which applies only to the value of the product as stated on the invoice.  It does not apply to services, taxes, finance charges or delivered product.  Please contact us at for more information about our storage policy.

How do I clean my furniture?

The best way to clean your furniture is to wipe it down with a lightly dampened cloth and followed by a dry cloth.  In certain cases you may wish to use a gentle detergent, like an oil soap, if you need to clean up oil or grease.  

Do not use abrasive scrub pads, kitchen and bathroom cleaning products, bleach, stain-removal markers, or non-aqueous solvents to clean the surface of your furniture, as you will risk damaging the finish.  Damaged finishes due to improper cleaning are not covered by the warranty. 

How do I care for solid wood furniture?

To properly care for a piece of Coolican & Company furniture it is critical that you understand a thing or two about solid wood. 

Wood swells in the presence of moisture and contracts when its dry.  Over the course of a year you will witness a gradual fluctuation of environmental humidity, and your solid wood furniture will respond, imperceptibly swelling and contracting from season to season.  This is natural.  

Problems arise when wood is suddenly transferred from an overly damp environment to an overly dry one, or if it is allowed to dry out too much too quickly.  This sudden drying will cause solid wood to crack.  Be mindful of this.  Make sure solid wood furniture isn't kept too close to hot radiator or blasting hot air vents.  And if you sense that your home is getting too dry, you might consider protecting your solid wood furniture by introducing a humidifier to the environment.

Another thing to know is that the tannins in solid wood can react with ferrous metals.  This chemical reaction is activated in the presence of water, and it will leave deep black stains where wet metal has come into contact with the wood.  If this happens to you, contact us at and we'll help you address the stain.  Do not sand or scrub the surface of your furniture with an abrasive pad as this will only damage the finish.

How do I maintain a hardwax oil finish?

The best way to maintain the surface of your furniture is to keep it clean and dry.  Using tablecloths, placemats and coasters on tabletops, wiping up spills when they occur, and generally keeping fluids from sitting on the surface of your solid wood furniture are the best things you can do.