In all of our seating, we employ the wedged through-tenon – a traditional method of joinery in which a thin wedge is driven into a saw-kerf, expanding it and holding it in place.  This type of joinery is exceedingly strong, and is designed to last many lifetimes.   The resulting split circle of our through-tenons can be seen on all of our seat tops.  Not only is it a hallmark of our brand, it is also a badge of quality construction.





We find pleasure in creating objects out of solid wood that are comfortable and responsive to the human body.  Our chairs and stools have contoured seats that take into account a seated person’s needs.  The steambent solid oak backrest of our Edwin chair has a generous curvature that is designed to hug a person’s back, allowing him to sit comfortably for hours.  





Every piece of Coolican & Company furniture is meticulously detailed.  We pin most of our joints with wooden dowel or brass rod, and we ensure that all edges are softened to accommodate a human touch.  Our furniture has a subtle elegance that is pleasing to both hand and eye.