Palmerston Counter Stool (Brass Footrests)

Palmerston Counter Stool (Brass Footrests)


    This stool is identical to our Palmerston Counter Stool, except that it features brass-capped footrests to protect against wear in high traffic environments.   The brushed brass has a medium sheen and can be ordered in a natural or blackened finish.  Brass footrests are lightly waxed for protection, but will develop a patina over time.  


    The Palmerston stool is designed for use with standard 36" counters and is ideal for perching at a kitchen island.  The faceted seat provides comfort, while the gently tapered legs create an airy, elegant profile.  Look at the top of the seat and you'll notice our standard wedged through-tenon joinery - a pleasing visual element that reveals superb build quality.




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Materials & Finishes

    All of our products are made with locally and ethically sourced hardwoods and are finished with a hand-rubbed, VOC-free hard wax oil.


    Please enquire about custom materials and finishes.


Care Instructions

All of our furniture can be wiped down with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a dilute solution of mild soap and water.  

Do not scrub furniture with steel wool or abrasive pads, as this will cause damage to the finish.

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