Ellis Round

Ellis Round


    With a solid brass peg and hidden mounting hardware, the Ellis Round is a discreet and versatile solution for hanging objects.  Can be installed in singles or multiples, according to your specific needs.  In households with young children, install a peg rail up high for the adults and a couple of Ellis Rounds at more convenient height for the little ones. 


    The Ellis Round appears with the Abbott Stool, the Euclid Mirror, the Sorauren Shoe Horn and the Ellis Peg Rail




  • Imperial
  • Metric


Materials & Finishes

    All of our products are made with locally and ethically sourced hardwoods and are finished with a hand-rubbed, VOC-free hard wax oil.


    Please enquire about custom materials and finishes.


Care Instructions


Euclid MirrorEuclid Mirror
black wooden rail in dark stained wood, with brass pegs.black wooden rail with brass pegs.  a bag and a coat hanging on two of the pegs.
three black wooden vases with Ikebana flower arrangements.An assortment of round wooden vases in different sizes and colours, with Ikebana flower arrangements.
Pelham TrayPelham Tray
Sorauren Shoe HornSorauren Shoe Horn
round light wood disc with brass peg.  a brass shoe horn hanging from the peg with a leather loop.a concrete wall with a light oak wood rail with brass pegs, a full length arched mirror, a three-legged stool and a brass shoe horn.