All of Coolican & Company’s products are built with quality materials and quality fabrication techniques. With proper care and maintenance, all of our products should last a lifetime.


Our hardwood furniture products are made from locally sourced indigenous hardwoods. Like any wood product, they are susceptible to damage from abuse and neglect. To ensure longevity, we recommend keeping the product clean and wiping any spills immediately. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth and never use all-purpose cleaning sprays or furniture polishes. We recommend that a furniture wax, such as Clapham's, be applied as needed. We also recommend that humidity controls be in place as drastic drops in humidity can cause damage to any solid wood product.


If damage does occur or you have any questions about care or maintenance, please contact us at

Clapham's beeswax is a museum quality, food safe wax finish. Proudly made on Vancouver Island, the family company has been making beeswax products since 1984. Their products are based on old English family recipes. Coolican & Company use their salad bowl finish because it is food safe for children and pets.

Follow the care instructions provided and apply whenever a piece looks dry.