JOB POSTING - Senior Fabricator

Full-time, Starting January 2021

3+ years woodshop experience, $17 to $22/hr (based on experience)

We are seeking a motivated and hardworking individual to help with the production of our small-batch furniture line. For an early to mid career woodworker, this is a great opportunity to refine their skills within an energized and growing business and a welcoming studio environment.

The chosen candidate will be expected to execute more complex woodworking tasks in addition to sanding and finishing, with little oversight. As a small business, it is critical that our employees be self-motivated, diligent workers, enthusiastic about learning, able to take instruction well, and have a keen eye for the smallest details. Applicants must be proficient with the use of woodworking hand tools such a chisel and cabinet scraper, and be capable of safely and skillfully operating standard woodshop machinery such as a table saw, jointer, planer and router. In addition to their technical skills, applicants should be effective problem solvers and be able to take a set of drawings to create a cutlist and effective machining strategy. 

At Coolican & Company, we consider it our responsibility to create products that age well. We believe that furniture shouldn’t be replaced like a cellphone or a pair of running shoes. Moreover, we think that investing in our people and place is as important as the caliber of our craft. We are building durable goods and a durable company that our customers are proud to support.  

This role involves but is not limited to:

- Sanding and finishing
- Processing parts

- Milling rough lumber
- Assembling furniture
- Cutting joinery
- Creating purpose-built jigs

Applicants must be proficient with:

- Sanding and hand detailing 

- Reading technical drawings
- Problem-solving and executing complex joinery

- Efficiently breaking out and milling solid lumber
- The safe use of woodworking machinery/tools 

(orbital sander, bandsaw, drill press, table saw, jointer, planer, card scraper, router)

Send your CV, portfolio, and a note about why you’d be great for the position to

We enthusiastically encourage applications from people who self-identify as women, non-binary, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+