We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Coolican & CompanyComment

Much like sharing a meal with good friends, there is something really special about working with talented people. When those talented people are your friends, well, that's hard to beat. 

On a cold Saturday morning a few weeks ago, our friend (and talented cinematographer), Stefan Herbruger came by the workshop. We'd asked him to shoot a short video about the making of a Coolican & Company piece. As the first sips of coffees were supped, and we chatted about the day ahead, two things were obvious: it was going to be a fun day and the resulting video was going to be great. It's exciting when you get to work with passionate people, and it's not hard to tell that Stefan has a passion for his craft. Like any great craftsman he puts quality first and foremost, and does things the way they are supposed to be done. 

When we needed some music, we asked our man Benj (Jordan Benjamin). Another craftsman in his own right, he took all of two seconds to understand what we were looking for, and sent us a track he put together this summer in Montreal. He nailed it. 

Take a look at the video on our home page and let us know what you think!