Wax on, Wax off

Peter CoolicanComment

We've always used it, so now we carry it. Clapham's Beeswax furniture finish. 

Clapham's is a company after our own heart. Roger and Anne have been making great beeswax products on their farm in the Fraser Valley since 1971. The recipe for their furniture wax is a traditional English mixture that was passed on through the family. We use it because we believe it provides great protection with just the right shine, and It's safe for children and pets. You can actually eat the stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it.

All of our wood products are shipped with a hard oil finish and a fresh coat of Clapman's wax. We recommend reapplying wax as needed, which should be about twice a year. Waxing your furniture will not only make it look great, but prolong its life. 

But be warned, there is a certain Zen in process that can be addictive.