Currency Listings & Pricing


Prices on our site are listed in United States Dollar (USD) amounts, and all purchases made through our website will be charged in USD. As an aid for our non-US clients, we display additional currencies, such as Canadian Dollar (CAD). These are approximate calculations based on the conversion rates published by the European Central Bank daily at 4pm CET. These additional currencies should be considered guides, as standard bank rates may differ from the rate charged by your card issuer.

Why is this so?

Trust us when we say that we would love to be able to provide you with the smoothest experience when choosing to support Coolican & Company. As a proud Canadian manufacturer, we'd particularly love to keep our prices in Canadian Dollars for our home team clientele. Unfortunately, our e-commerce service provider does not offer us the ability to do so without an expense that would force us to significantly raise our prices. We've opted to keep things more affordable and hope you will forgive our limitations. 

Don't Want To Be Charged in USD?

Not a problem. If you do not wish to purchase in USD, we are more than happy to process your order with a safe and secure electronic invoice or in person. Just send us a note using the form below, letting us know what you'd like to purchase. Please include a delivery address if required. 

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