Sorauren Shoe Horn with Limited Edition Stand

Sorauren Shoe Horn with Limited Edition Stand


    This version of our shoe horn rests on a minimal stand of solid maple and brass.   A piece of functional sculpture, it is designed to elevate the act of slipping on shoes - imbuing a mundane task with luxury and delight.    



  • Imperial
  • Metric




Materials & Finishes

    Our shoe horns are made out of solid brass.  They are brushed to a satin sheen and rubbed with a light wax to protect against fingerprints.  Over time, the brass will darken and develop a rich patina.  This is a natural process.  If you wish to retain the original sheen of the piece, buff periodically with a soft cotton cloth.


    Please enquire about custom materials and finishes.


Care Instructions


 To remove fingerprints, wipe with a soft cotton cloth

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