Every item that Coolican & Company produces is made in a small, limited run, numbered batch.


This is not fast furniture. Small batches put quality control in the hands of the master craftsman to deliver a product that will wear better & last longer. Every board is carefully selected for strength and aesthetics, every part precisely joined to take a beating, and every finish meticulously hand-rubbed. When it’s one of a dozen, not thousands upon thousands, each piece is special & each batch is unique.

Moreover, we think that investing in our people and place is important, and that craftsmanship is worth holding on to. We are building durable goods & a durable company. A company that our customers are proud to support. So, we choose to make our furniture locally and we choose to make it well.  


This is furniture that is built to last. Built to be used, loved and shared. 


At Coolican & Company, we consider it our responsibility to create products that age well. We strive for an aesthetic you won’t tire of, and craftsmanship that won’t give out, because furniture shouldn’t be replaced like a cellphone or a pair of running shoes. This is endlessly durable & purposefully made.

Whether it’s handmade or mass produced, expensive or cheap, a tremendous amount of energy and resources are consumed in the production of furniture. When you buy it once, you leave more of those resources where they belong. 

This is furniture for people who want to live with objects that they truly love and appreciate. Furniture that they want to last - to go with them in their lives. And, ultimately, to be passed along to loved ones, not left begging for a home on the side of the curb. These are items we're proud to produce and we're sure you'll be proud to own them.